Design agencies come in different shapes and sizes. Our small size means our work is mighty. We have the luxury of flexibility without compromise, brilliant creative without limits, and personalized account attention without inefficiencies.

Thoughtfully connecting hearts and minds

Located in the historic downtown district of Whitby, Ontario, we’re a design agency with proven credentials for solving problems and creating with purpose. Challenging convention to ignite meaningful brand conversations, and using real world touch points to connect brands with hearts and minds, we forge lasting impressions. We believe in the collaborative spirit and the power of partnership. Working together to create more impactful ideas that excel brands forward and push category greatness.

We are passionate about our work and helping our clients succeed.

Our Services

We bring the experience and expertise needed to create truly immersive brand engagement. We don’t see boundaries, we see opportunities.

Art Direction

We provide ongoing guidance to teams to ensure the highest-quality and consistent execution of your brand personality, perspective and reason for being. Functionally, we create great ideas that shape a brand’s DNA, protecting it and navigating it towards production and activation across markets.

Brand Stewardship

We ensure your brand’s future is maintained, protected and company/brand vision is responsibly interpreted through all communication channels.


We strategically translate the essence of the brand into smart and brilliantly engaging visual standards optimizing brand performance.


The power of great advertising and engaging promotion can influence a generation. We create consumer activations that connect consumers, change ideas and persuade to purchase one brand over another across multiple channels.

Merchandising Display

We create engaging, consumer-focussed display merchandising and POP solutions that enhancea brands in-store presence and influence.


From product architecture and shelf strategy to design and production. We create aesthetically pleasing, well crafted packaging solutions that speak to consumers and influence perception and behaviour.


We offer an ever-expanding range of digital services: website, videography, broadcast solutions, and more.


We offer product, food, and lifestyle photography, guiding the entire process from creative direction, pre-shoot coordination to post-production.

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