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05 May Satisfaction…

It’s been a while since my last post… We’ll, we’ve been busy. Most recently we’ve entered a new relationship with a new player in the ever expanding vitamins, nutritional supplements and wellness category. Specifically, we’ve been tasked with the complete redesign of the product line, including the revamping of their identity, packaging, customer marketing, advertising and online strategies…. But this is a story for another time.

Satisfaction found me the other day when I was walking through our local big box store, when one of the center isle displayers caught my eye… thinking to myself what a great look! Then I realize and literally laughed out loud (receiving some odd looks from other shoppers because I was laughing all by myself), this was one of our designs! I quickly snapped some shots with my phone forwarded them to the staff at the office with virtual high fives and congrats on a great piece and continued on shopping.

And there it was… Satisfaction! I could not help feel a great sense of pride seeing all these products on shelf, knowing all the effort and time that went into the work! Something I tend to forget about once the project has left my desk, that the real work happens on shelf!

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